Our Clients

Foster & Easley represents a wide range of athletes, from first-round draft picks to rookie free agents. The common thread between all of our clients, past and present, is the phenomenal relationships and loyal partnerships that are formed. We believe in people first and building trustworthy relationships. There is nothing more important to us then knowing that our clients are as proud of us as we are of them.

Coaches: We represent coaches at the Division I and NFL levels. Names available upon request.

2016 Stephen Anderson, TE Houston Texans (16-Present) California
Beau Sandland, TE Carolina Panthers (16-Present) Montana State
Patrick Onwausor, LB Baltimore Ravens (16-Present) Portland State
Aaron Neary, OL Philadelphia Eagles (16-Present) Eastern Washington
Clay DeBord, OL Dallas Cowboys (16-Present) Eastern Washington
Tyler Marz, OL Tennessee Titans (16-Present) Wisconsin
2015 Vince Mayle, WR Dallas Cowboys (15-Present) Washington State
Cleveland Browns (15)
Jake Rodgers, OL New York Giants (15-Present) Eastern Washington
Atlanta Falcons (15)
Marquis Flowers, LB Cincinnati Bengals (14-Present) Arizona
DeShawn Shead, CB, S Seattle Seahawks (12-Present) Portland State
Tyrell Williams, WR San Diego Chargers (15-Present) Western Oregon
2014 Deone Bucannon, S Arizona Cardinals (14-Present) Washington State
Brock Coyle, LB Seattle Seahawks (14-Present) Montana
Marcus Cromartie, CB San Francisco 49ers (14-Present) Wisconsin
San Diego Chargers (13-14)
John Fullington, OL New Orleans Saints (16-Present) Washington State
Arizona Cardinals (14-16)
2013 Marquess Wilson, WR Chicago Bears (13-Present) Washington State
Benson Mayowa, DE Dallas Cowboys (16-Present) Idaho
Oakland Raiders (15)
Seattle Seahawks (12-14)
Jeff Tuel, QB Jacksonville Jaguars (15-16) Washington State
Buffalo Bills (13-15)
Mike Purcell, DT San Francisco 49ers (13-Present) Wyoming
Bobby Cowan, P Oakland Raiders (13) Idaho
St. Louis Rams (14)
Brandon Kaufman, WR Buffalo Bills (13) Eastern Washington
Aaron Grymes, CB Edmonton Eskimos (13-Present) Idaho
2012 Matt Johnson, FS Dallas Cowboys (12-14) Eastern Washington
David Paulson, TE Pittsburgh Steelers (12-14) Oregon
San Diego Chargers (14-Present)
Korey Toomer, OLB San Diego Charger (16-present) Idaho
Oakland Raiders (15-16)
St. Louis Rams (14-15)
Seattle Seahawks (12-13)
Dominique Jones, FB Indianapolis Colts (12-13) Shepard
Kansas City Chiefs (13-14)
Denver Broncos (14-Present)
William Vlachos, C Tennessee Titans (12) Alabama
Dustin Waldron, T Miami Dolphins (12) Portland State
Kansas City Chiefs (13)
Taylor Mueller, D Charleston Battery (12-14) Washington
2011 Chris Prosinski, FS Jacksonville Jaguars (11-14) Wyoming
Philadelphia Eagles (14)
Chicago Bears (15-Present)
Mike Person, T San Francisco 49ers (11) Montana State
Seattle Seahawks (12-13)
St. Louis Rams (13-14)
Atlanta Falcons (15-Present)
Ryan Durand, G Tennessee Titans (11-12) Syracuse
Kansas City Chiefs (13)
Nate Williams, SS Baltimore Ravens (11) Washington
Bo Thran, T/G San Diego Chargers (11) Oregon
Sal Zizzo, F Portland Timbers (11-13) UCLA
New York Red Bulls (15-Present)
Lamar Neagle, M Seattle Sounders FC (11-12) UNLV
Montreal Impact (12)
Seattle Sounders FC (13-Present)
Jared vanSchaik, M Puerto Rico (11-13) Portland
Charleston Battery (13-Present)
2010 Kenny Alfred, C Tennessee Titans (10) Washington State
Jeff Hansen, G Cincinnati Bengals (10) Montana State
Levi Horn, T Chicago Bears (10- 12) Montana
Minnesota Vikings (12-Present)
Matt Nichols, QB Dallas Cowboys (10) Eastern Washington
Edmonton Eskimos (11-Present)
Collen Warner, M Real Salt Lake (10-12) Portland
Montreal Impact (12-14)
Toronto FC (14-Present)
Logan Emory, D Puerto Rico (11-13) Portland
Candice Wiggins, F Minnesota Lynx (10-12) Stanford
Tulsa Shock (13-Present)
2009 Greg Peach, DE Edmonton Eskimos (09-12) Eastern Washington
Hamilton Tiger Cats (12-13)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers FC (13-Present)
Colin Dow, G Cincinnati Bengals (09-10) Montana
Ciaran O’Brien, M Colorado Rapids (09-11) San Diego
2008 Cody Balogh, T Chicago Bears (08-10) Montana
Shane Simmons, LB Oakland Raiders (08-09) Western Washington
Daren Heerspink, G Miami Dolphins (08-09) Portland State
BC Lions (09-10)
2007 Keith Grennan, DE San Diego Chargers (07-08) Eastern Washington
Brett Bergstrom, K New Orleans Saints (07) Eastern Washington
2006 Eric Kimble, WR Miami Dolphins (06) Eastern Washington
BC Lions (08-09)
Kyle Basler, P Cleveland Browns (06-08) Washington State
James Simms, RB New York Giants (06-07) Washington
2005 Michael Roos, T Tennessee Titans (05-15) Eastern Washington
2004 Kevin Ware, TE Washington Redskins (03) Washington
San Francisco 49ers (04)
Oakland Raiders (05)
Lance Gibson, DE NY Jets (04) Central Washington
2002 Ken Simonton, RB San Francisco 49ers (02) Oregon State
Buffalo Bills (03-04)
Todd Elstrom, WR New Orleans Saints (02) Washington
Calvin Coleman, CB New York Giants (02) Montana
Willie Hurst, RB B.C. Lions (02-04) Washington
2001 Jamie Moyer, P Seattle Mariners (00-05) Saint Joseph's
Luke Fritz, G Carolina Panthers (02) Eastern Washington
Montreal Alouettes (02-06)
Drew Miller, QB BC Lions (01) BYU, Montana
2000 Lester Towns, LB Carolina Panthers (00-04) Washington
Arizona Cardinals (05)
Miami Dolphins (06)
Dane Looker, WR Saint Louis Rams (00) Washington
New England Patriots (01)
Saint Louis Rams (02-04)
1999 Jeff Ogden, WR Dallas Cowboys (99-00) Eastern Washington
Miami Dolphins (01-02)
Baltimore Ravens (03)
Brandon McLemore, S Tennessee Titans (99-01) Oregon
Gerald Harris, WR Tennessee Titans (99) Washington
Europe Amsterdam (00)
1998 Cameron Cleeland, TE New Orleans Saints (98-01) Washington
New England Patriots (02)
Rashaan Shehee, RB Kansas City Chiefs (98-00) Washington
Fred Coleman, WR Buffalo Bills (98) Washington
Philadelphia Eagles (99)
Chicago Bears (00)
New England Patriots (01-02)
San Francisco 49ers (03)
Atlanta Falcons (04)
1997 Derek Strey, LB Jacksonville Jaguars (97) Eastern Washington
Seattle Seahawks (97-98)
Archie Amerson, RB Hamilton Tiger Cats (97-05) Northern Arizona
1996 Ink Aleaga, LB New Orleans Saints (96-99) Washington
BC Lions (00-01)
Anthony Jones, WR Dallas Cowboys (96) Oregon
Orlondo Steinauer, S Detroit Lions(96) Western Washington
Hamilton Tiger Cats (97-00)
Miami Dolphins(01)
Toronto Argonauts(02-08)
1995 Tom Ackerman, C New Orleans Saints(95-01) Eastern Washington
Tennessee Titans(01-02)
Leon Neal, RB Indianapolis Colts (95-97) Washington
Anthony Calvillo, QB Hamilton Tiger Cats (95-98) Utah State
Montreal Allouttes (98-2002)
1994 Napoleon Kaufman, RB Oakland Raiders (95-01) Washington
1993 Matt Jones, FB Seattle Seahawks (93) Washington
CFL-Las Vegas Posse (93)
1991 Phil Bryant, FB Philadelphia Eagles (91-92), Virginia Tech
Dale Ellis, G Seattle Sonics (91-92),
Milwaukee Bucks (92-95)
1990 Marcus Mickel, WR Chicago Bears (90-92) Virginia Tech
Richard Carey, CB Cincinnati Bengals (89-92) Idaho
1989 Marvin Washington, DE New York Jets (89-99) Idaho
Paul Moyer, S Seattle Seahawks (89-93) Washington